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  1. Baurice Nelson


    I am concerned. I am a registered republican and life long resident of Thurston County. I found my self coming to this page the other day for the first time ever. I have been thinking of becoming politically involved as I think its time to stand up as a republican and not lose the direction we have finally started to swing on behalf of our community and country. HOWEVER. I am not seeing any very inviting or motivating stuff on this page, is this the “official” page of the Thurston County Republicans? There is a scathing personally vindictive article front and center on JZ Knight, why is this such a focal point of the Republicans and why this such a very personal type of article part of this page… I am not a supporter of Ramtha I am just surprised to see such a nation enquirer article on what I expected to be a call to action for fellow republicans… am I in the wrong place/?

    • Tom Watson

      Thank you for voicing your observations and concerns. We welcome constructive and positive inputs and articles from our fellow conservatives and the public. We are also always looking for volunteers and Precinct Committee Officers to help round our our local volunteers.Thank you again and we are looking forward to your insights.

      PS: Re-reading the article on the JZK court outcome, I would not classify it at the National Enquirer level. It was written by Glen Morgan who is very familiar with the case and the misery her organization put others through and is factually correct. She is/was also one of the top donors to the WA State Democratic Party, diminish their cash flow and you help diminish their capabilities.

    • Glen Morgan


      I wrote the article. I also provided a lot of source links so that you know it is not fiction (as strange as it probably appears). It is just a lot of weird local drama directly tied to local politics in Thurston County. JZ Knight is the single largest donor to the Thurston County Democratic Party in its history – over $216,000 just to the local party or to their candidates. That has stopped since 2017, which is pointed out in the article. Yes, it is weird, but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. From a local political perspective she has been a major part of the Democratic Party from 2010 or so until 2016. Many of her followers don’t share her political perspective which is interesting as well, but again, the truth, even in Thurston County, can be far stranger than anything you might expect.

      If you have any questions about that article or the drama that came before, please feel free to contact me directly at glen@wethegoverned. I am local, and I am easy to contact.

      Glen Morgan

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